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Accountex 2017

12th May 2017
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I'm currently sat with Mrs Neophyte enjoying the hospitality of the Virgin lounge in Euston after a hectic few days down in London at Accountex.  Overall it was a bit of a mixed bag.  I felt there was less of a buzz around the place compared with last year and it looked like there were less attendees (but this was difficult to judge conclusively).  Some of this is no doubt due to MTD being thrown into the long grass by the General Election and lack of notable product launches.

Highlights for us in no particular order were

- Mark Wickersham's talk on value pricing.   Sensible and relevant with a tinge of nostalgia.  Well worth the 45 minutes invested.

- Autorec guys were very passionate and knowledgable about their product. Potential new client here now.

- the Brightpay stand were great. Lots of time for us.


- asking for a bit of product technical advice at the SAGE stand and being completely fobbed off after confirming it was a bug.  Need to try harder.

- the Mtrio stand had seemed to forgot why they were there on the second day.  The computer was switched off and they were too busy having a chat amongst themselves to bother with prospective clients.

- Digita largely ignored us as we are existing clients.   Not a great experience.

I'm looking forward to the Northern Accountex in March 2018.  Slightly different format but looks like a good event to attend.

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By Mouse house
12th May 2017 18:27

I agree there did seem to be fewer people and less of a buzz than 2016. Having been last year, meant that I knew the format and decided on which talks I wanted to attend and which stands to visit before I got there.
Enjoyed the demo of tax calc and will give it some more consideration as it is way cheaper than Iris, which we currently use. Also plan to try a demo of Brightpay

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