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Linkedin, Logos and Leaving

3rd Mar 2017
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After handing in my notice last week, I decided this week to publicise that I was leaving on Linkedin. I use Linkedin a lot. I find it a great way of keeping in contact with colleagues and business contacts and find some of the material posted interesting and thought provoking (although there is a lot of dross that needs to be cut through) I was nervous at the reaction to my post. Would I be ignored? Would anybody be bothered that I was leaving to join my family practice?  My professional reputation matters to me. I work hard and like to think I have been successful and have had a positive impact on those I have worked with. This post would be a barometer of that opinion. In the end I am pleased to report that it was a really positive experience. Lots of well wishers, support and encouragement from colleagues past and present.  Yes it was slighly narcissistic and self centered.  But the ego boost it provided has provided me some much needed positivity during a huge transition.

Back to progress on the practice. We have decided to update our brand to reflect the transition from a micro-practice to something more substantial. I'm conscious this could be a huge time sink, but its very important we present ourselves to our clients in the best way possible. The first step has been to update our logo. This was originally done quite quickly on a tight budget using an offshore designer.  It was cheap and although has done a job for a few years we were never entirely happy with it. So we approached some UK designers and have got quotes of £3k+ for a rebrand exercise, and £400 for a simple logo.  I'm not sure this is the best use of our current capital so we've had a go ourselves using some online tools. There are a lot of awful logo generators on the internet but we managed to find one that produced some decent results, that both of us agreed on (a small miracle!). Next steps are to either to stick with this logo or use it as basis for a proper designer to take to the next level. 

Do people think brand/design is an important area to address?  I'd be interested to see if anybody has any designer or tool recommendations.  

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Adrian Pearson
By Adrian Pearson
03rd Mar 2017 14:18

Hi there, yes, brand/design is important in my view. Even for accountancy firms (perhaps more so, thinking about it!).

No need to spend thousands but home-made does tend to look home-made unfortunately. Employing the services of a design professional can make all the difference - as "Just right" is often a matter of a few well placed pixels.

Checkout Young, friendly and talented design at Yorkshire rates. Also happens to be a junior Pearson :)

Good luck whatever option you go for.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
04th Mar 2017 11:25

Smart looking site!

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By tom123
04th Mar 2017 11:23

I agree with Adrian - home made looks homemade.

If you are not a designer (which I am not) it is difficult to see what is good and what is not.

The external input will help guide your thinking.

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Replying to tom123:
By Neophyte
04th Mar 2017 11:44

Thanks Tom and Adrian - I'm in agreement about getting a good designer to take a look at what we've got. The younger Pearson's sit looks good and I think I'll be in contact shortly,

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By mrme89
06th Mar 2017 08:34

With logos and other such products, it is important that you don't have someone coming to you months or years later claiming copyright / trademark infringement.

You should be able to get a good job done without spending what you have quoted above.

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By ianthetaxman
10th Mar 2017 10:35

If you're looking for someone to help with design and rebranding, you might want to check out Behance ( - it's like LinkedIn for designers and creatives. They publish there portfolios online so you can get a feel for what they can do. Just a thought....

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By coops456
10th Mar 2017 15:03

We used and were very happy with the service; we went through multiple iterations before settling on the finished result and the designer Steve was patient and responsive.

I've learnt a lot about branding from Big Brand System - lots of useful free resources.

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