Return of the Mack (blogger)

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Apologies to people who have missed me. I realised it's been a few months since I last blogged and it seems a longer!  Lots has gone on in the world of Neophyte since my last post and an update is defintely due.  

As intended I left my job at the end of May after what seemed like an eternity of working my notice (3 months is too long......).  I has a week away at Center Parcs and started the next Monday in our practice.  I managed to get a few bits of client work done early in the week and made a start on our systems and marketing.  However out of the blue in early June I was offered a consulting job at a very lucrative day rate.  I couldn't turn it down, especially as my hoped for redundancy lump sum never materialised.  I started on a three month contract and have been there ever since.  My wife has continued in the practice full time and it has continued to grow and prosper.

I've managed to drop down the contract to remote support and limited days, so I'm now back in the accountancy practice business.  With a capital cushion behind me, first hand experience of being a contractor and the lifeline of additional consultancy work available, I feel I'm in a much better position to build the practice up going forward.

Watch out 2018 & the AccountingWeb community, Neophyte is coming for you hard!!!!!!

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13th Dec 2017 19:58

Great to read your blog Neophyte. I look forward to reading about developments in your practice.

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to FirstTab
15th Dec 2017 13:19

Thanks FirstTab. I'm an avid follower of your blog and hope you will find mine as entertaining and insightful as I find yours.

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13th Dec 2017 20:57

Stick with the consultancy work as long as you can. I did for around the first 18 months of my practice, it was essential for me at the time as I started with zero clients and zero capital plus wife, 3 kids and big mortgage.

It enabled me to keep the cash coming in without seriously impacting our lifestyle.

As the client base built up I gradually reduced the consultancy work.

It can be a blessing and also a curse as you've probably found. perhaps there's an opportunity there for your practice to be more than just pure accounts and tax?

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to Kent accountant
15th Dec 2017 13:23

Cheers. I am currently doing 1-2 days a week to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table whilst we build up. The consultancy work is finance systems were my experience currently is and I am hoping to integrate these sort of services into our offering as well as web hosting, SEO, website builds etc. A couple of clients have already taken up these additional services, so the future looks promising.

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