A roaring Lion?

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Just as I was getting my head round Snow Leopard, I see Apple has published details of what's in store in the impending Lion version of its OS X operating system (it's actually OS X v 10.7).

Unlike Microsoft, they seem to make the upgrade process fairly painless, and at £20.99 it's pretty cheap too. A single purchase can be used on all my Macs too, which is great. And the new online App Store means that you can just download and install it without having to go to the Apple store and buy a CD version. In fact, it won't be available at all as a physical product.

At this stage I can't quite make out why or if I should upgrade, but I am sure the various Mac websites will have some guidance on the subject. Something I have noticed is that early adoption of Mac OS upgrades isn't fraught with the problems that early users of new Windows versions seem to suffer.

I like the idea of multi touch gestures migrating from the iPhone over to the Mac itself, all that pinching and swiping that makes using an iPhone or iPad so easy. It looks like it should work on the Magic Mouse I use for my iMac, not sure about the trackpad on my old MacBook though.

Full screen apps look like a more useful improvement, the ability to use the whole screen for an app without any borders, menus or scroll bars, which will make viewing detailed stuff on the MacBook a whole lot easier.

Autosave and Resume are also pretty neat, meaning that compatible software will automatically save data when you quit, and if you close an application with open windows and then relaunch it later, everything will open up again exactly where you left it.

www.macworld.co.uk is a handy site to watch for news and advice on all things Apple - I'll be keeping an eye on what they have to say about the new OS before I make the leap.

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