App of the Week(-end) - GarageBand for the iPad

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If you're a musician of any sort, any ability, this has to be the best £2.99 you can spend on your iPad.

GarageBand has been the Mac music software of choice for many musicians. It comes with the iLife photo and video suite for £46, and is a first step towards the full Logic Pro music system costing ten times as much. So surely you don't get much for £2.99 do you?

Actually, yes you do! For example, I dream of winning the Lottery and treating myself to a Hammond B3 organ - but in the meantime Apple have somehow managed to fit one into the iPad, with all the controls you get on the real thing, and lots of wizards to make it easy for a non-keyboard player like myself to knock out a pretty decent tune in no time. There is also a long list of other keyboards and synths, guitars, bass and drums which you can either play yourself - single notes or chords - or just put together tracks using the supplied patterns. Again, for guitarists there are guitars, amps and effects that sound just like the real things. If you prefer the real thing, audio interfaces are beginning to come onto the market that allow you to plug a guitar or microphone into the iPad if you want something better than the built-in mic.

To top it off there's a multi-track recorder to record your opus and the facility to export and share the finished work.

I really can't do it justice in a brief review, there is more detail here. And, of course, as an original Apple app it all works as it should, doesn't seem to crash and looks and sounds great. How they have managed to cram so much onto the iPad for virtually no money beats me!

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Nigel Harris

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By Peter Bonetti
31st May 2011 10:03

Not a C3?

I take it you won't be gigging the Hammond? They're not light when flight-cased I can promise you!!

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