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For Apple device users - whether Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad - the big thing is apps. On the Mac itself, this means instant availability of downloadable software of all shapes and sizes. On mobile devices it opens up access to an overwhelming and constantly growing collection of free and cheap programs and mini-applications. Here at AccountingWEB we want to know which apps you use every day, those apps couldn't you live without, and in due course we'll be able to publish a users' Top 10.

Today I have been making good use of the excellent free Genius Scan app on my iPhone. It's a simple app that harnesses the iPhone's built-in camera and uses it as a portable scanner. The resulting picture can then be emailed to your office account as a PDF file, ideal for copying money laundering ID documents or creating an electronic record of expenses receipts.

There's a paid-for Genius Scan+ version that enables you to upload scans direct to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs, but the free version does everything I need it to do.

About Nigel Harris

Nigel Harris

I'm a partner with Burton Sweet, chartered accountants & business advisers, and run the Shepton Mallet office down in beautiful Somerset. Despite the name, Shepton Mallet is actually the home of Glastonbury Festival! I trained in audit and corporate tax with Grant Thornton and came to my current position in 1991 via small local practices and a stint with a training consortium.

I have the distinction of being one of the original members of the AccountingWEB editorial team, having been a freelance writer here for a year or so before John Stockdyk joined!


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By Tim Robinson
19th May 2011 15:28

More Reviews Please

Thanks for the review Nigel, keep them coming!

I am trying to use my iPad when I can, my most popular business apps are;

Audio Note - can record meetings, type notes and draw diagrams all in one file

Good Reader - PDF (and other file) reader used in conjunction with Dropbox.  Great for course notes, can add your own text to them, though you need to ask the course provider for a PDF before going to the course....

Quickoffice - haven't used this much as yet but can open word, excel and powerpoint

LogMeIn - expensive but essential for remote access

Someone wiser than me pointed out that the iPad is a consumption rather than a production device and since I am office-based I don't actually use it that much during working hours.



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By Anne Fairpo
01st Jun 2011 11:59

essential apps

My everyday apps (in no particular order):

Scrivener (Mac) - for drafting anything and everythingEvernote (Mac, ietc) - as a personal knowledge databaseDropbox (Mac, ietc) - to sync all documents etc between computersKnox (Mac) - as a pretty front end to encrypt confidential information on DropboxTwitter (Mac, ietc) - for the obvious (@iptax, @taxingwork)Reeder (Mac, ietc) - to track RSS feedsInstapaper (iPad) - to catch up on reading articles etc saved from newspapers, journals, etcPlaintext (iPhone) - for quick notes on the goSkype (Mac, ietc) - mostly for quick chats via messaging, but also for conference calls etc overseasOmnifocus (Mac, ietc) - to keep track of whatever it is I'd otherwise forget to doGoodreader (ietc) - to save trees when faced with 200 pages of agenda items for a committee meetingRadium (Mac) - menu bar app for internet radio1Password (Mac, ietc) - to use and keep track of secure passwordsToggl (webapp) - time recording

Other stuff I can't live without, but not everyday stuff: Maps (iPhone); iPhone camera; Best Camera (iPhone); various sudoku/cards/etc games (iPhone) to pass the time when stuck in tunnels on a train!

Cool but decidedly non-essential these days app: Enigma (iPad) - your very own Enigma machine!

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By iosman
26th Jan 2018 14:07

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By iosman
26th Jan 2018 14:08

Love your blog man. Thanks for this stuff.

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