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iPad 2 imminent?

23rd Feb 2011
Partner Burton Sweet
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iPad owners like me will be dismayed to learn that iPad 2 may well be revealed as soon as next week.

Apple has announced a big event on 2nd March which the IT press is expecting to be dominated by the first view of this year's version of the iPad. Rumours and leaks of varying quality indicate that, contrary to some reports on Apple news sites, the new version will keep the 9.7 inch display size rather than dropping to the smaller size used in other competing tablet devices. However, the new display should be crisper, with better outdoor visibility. Front and rear cameras are also expected to enable users to use Apple's Facetime video calling service over WiFi. Physically the new iPad is expected to be slimmer and flatter on the back.

I will be more disappointed if iPad 2 has a USB port, as getting data onto the current iPad has to be one of its downsides so to find that my nearly new iPad is already obsolete will be seriously bad news!

iOS 5.0 for iPad is due out in 2011 and we might also get a glimpse next week. Multi-tasking should be the big improvement users have been waiting for. At least an OS upgrade should be available to iPad 1 and 2 owners!


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By cverrier
25th Feb 2011 10:10

We don't have problems, only opportunities

The arrival of iPad 2 (and yes, it seems pretty certain that March 2nd will see the launch of this) is the ideal time to suggest to the wife that she might like to have your iPad for her very own (after all, she keeps borrowing it).

However, launch is not the same as availability - there may be a delay of several months before they appear in the shops, so don't give it away too quickly!

As it happens, I'm not sure any of the suggested changes are enough to make me part with my iPad.  The proposed updates to the new model seem more about keeping ahead of the non-Apple competition rather than upstaging the old model.


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