Commercial Property’s CGT calculation

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I have got two commercial property brought back in 1980 now I am planning to transfer to my Limited company.

my question is what type of relief I can get when I will calculate capital gain tax?and as I am higher rate tax payer what percentage I need to pay Tax


another question is to pay SDLT ,do l need to pay higher rate stamp duty for commercial property to transfer to limited company.

please help me 

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25th Dec 2018 13:41

CGT rate based on your marginal CGT rate , likely 20%,calculated against the March 1982 valuations (you may need to instruct these as well as current valuations)

SDLT at band rates re commercial property so depends on values to be used.

Re reliefs depends, what have you been using properties for?

Most important question, why, what is the reason for doing this?

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