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What a pair of lungs on this lass! 

Is this doesn't inspire you then God help you!


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28th Jan 2012 21:42

Absolutely wonderful

I am 'well into' Morricone at the moment, and also Hans Zimmer who composed Pirates of the Caribbean.

My favourite composition by Morricone is on my AWeb profile. I listen to it all the time :)

There are so many wonderful modern composers who compose music for films ... John William has to be the best known for Superman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Schindlers List, War Horse, etc. Just too many to mention them all. You just know the music tells a story about a hero :)

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By Old Greying Accountant
29th Jan 2012 13:35

My favourite Morricone piece ...

... is The score for The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

It is one of the most moving pieces ever and fits the screen play so well.

The poignant "La Storia Di un Soldato" sung by the choir as Angel Eyes beats Wallach to find out where the gold is hidden, the passion of this piece and my favourite, IL Triello as the three have the final stand off - the trumpet part send a shiver down my spine every time. 

Really annoyed that he was In London at the end of 2010 and I didn't know, I would have loved to attend, just wish I had the cash to fly out to Perth (Oz not Scotland) next month as an end of tax season treat - he's just turned 83 and still going stong conducting and composing, so there's hope for me yet!

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