Sonnet to Damnation

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Scant days ago to palm strewn welcome come

As crowds did throng the roads down whence He rode

The King of Peace arrived, but there were some

Who sought to plot His end and they did goad

Poor Judas to betray for silver coin

And as he left the meal for this dread deed

So in the first communion did not join

But to the Lord the soldiers he did lead

How for His blood the people now cry loud

As they demand from Pilate He must die

By leaving Him to tortured death and shroud

Upon that dire cross He’s raised up high

Held on by nails pierced through His flesh and bone

What was the crime for which He should atone? 


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08th Apr 2012 09:08

Did you write it, OGA?

I know you are very talented so I assume it is one of your own. :)

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By Old Greying Accountant
08th Apr 2012 19:53

Thank you Shirley ...

... yes I did, last night - but I've felt like s**t all day from lack of sleep - lol

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