Reasons to be cheerful...part 3

Peter Gill
Boreas Partnership (UK) Ltd
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If you are of a certain age and happened to be into punk in the 80's you'll recognise this track from Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Well, buses come in threes, accidents come in threes (according to my mum anyway) and then there's good news. Does good news come in threes?

According to the last couple of accountants I spoke with; yes and emphatically. The doom & gloom is over, hurray at last. Opportunities abound and it's time to win your share.

One accountant, an FD in a company specialising in fire safety and security told me that they had just secured their largest order ever, this on the back of winning a significant retailers business which had come on the back of securing a large restaurant groups business. Three terrific results all in quick succession, in August...almost unheard of.

At the beginning of the year they were fearful that 2009 might be a write off, however, they stuck to some basic principles (or rather, they got back to some basic principles) which have paid off.

The other, a Partner in a medium sized firm couldn't stop smiling as he announced that two new sizeable clients had been secured (both having taken some considerable time to win around) and one 'A' list client had secured funding from the bank which would in turn mean more work for the firm and more fee income. Money from the bank, whatever next? Basic principles once again.

Business in some sectors has not slowed down during the credit crunch and subsequent recession. Other sectors have been badly hit but it would appear that the summer has brought some respite. The FD revealled a new plan to grow the business significantly over the next few years which included recruiting staff to support new business acquisition and improving communications with existing businesses. That sounds familiar said I; keep what you have fought hard to win and then go and duplicate that with prospects.

Basic principles: plan, communicate, execute, review, refine, continue to execute...don't rest on laurels and anticipate the competition gearing up when you prove it works.

Reasons to be cheerful...part 3? It's not all sex & drugs & rock n' roll you know!

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N.B. if you would like to discuss basic principles or how you can win more business through securing more from existing clients or winning brand new clients please, do contact me: [email protected] and/or join the discussion group "Developing your assets" here on Accounting Web

About Peter Gill

About petergill
Peter Gill is a founding Director of Boreas Partnership (UK) Ltd. Having commenced his career with a North East based accountancy practice that is now part of Tenon, Peter moved into the corporate environment and worked for several years as Sales Director at LexisNexis and subsequently at CCH and Croner, two business units within Wolters Kluwer (UK) Ltd. Taking this knowledge and experience, Peter established the consultancy to provide support to businesses seeking to change, grow and develop. Peter works with firms of all sizes that recognise that they must adapt and change to meet client needs, remain ahead of the competition and to attract and retain the best staff. Email: [email protected] Tel: 0845 8384723 Web:


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