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Referendum Fever is Bad for the Health but might also Harm Your Business

18th May 2016
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The media is packed with scare stories about the consequences for business should Britain remain in Europe and as many about what will happen if it leaves.

However, we should all be wary of losing work for other reasons as a direct result of the impending referendum.

Do you strongly believe all of the following?

  1. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are mad, evil or both.
  2. David Cameron and George Osborne have lost the plot and started telling lies to win the debate.
  3. The Labour Party has a view on the subject.
  4. It would be insane to leave Europe.
  5. It would be insane to stay in Europe.

Feelings are running high and politicians on both sides are making outrageous, contradictory statements that can be shown to be without foundation given very little investigation.

Looking slightly more widely, leading businessmen and economists are adamant that remaining in Europe would be detrimental to the nation’s best interests. However, as many and probably more businessmen and economists believe the polar opposite.

It is very sad day when the political scene has fallen to little more than the trading of insults and the promotion of often dubious personalities. However, that is where we appear to have ended up with a further month to go before the referendum even takes place.

In such a climate, unless you wish to take a heaven sent opportunity to get rid of some of the more volatile clients, it could be reckless to raise the subject of Europe in the office.

There has to be a significant chance that sharing your views on what appears to be an innocent (and frankly tedious) topic, even in measured tones, could cause the kind of deep offence to highly valued clients with strong opinions that might persuade them to dispense with your services with instant effect.

Frankly, I can’t wait for 24 June at which point we will reach certainty on this topic. At that time, we will all be able forget it if Britain is to remain in Europe or begin to look forwards to what might conceivably be a brighter future (or closing the curtains) as we go it alone and try to make new friends in unlikely locations.

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By raybackler
25th May 2016 12:22

It is best to ignore all of the politicians. For me the critical point is who governs us and in a democracy I would prefer it to be the people we elect. The economy will look after itself once a decision is made either way. I have great faith in the inventiveness of our businesses to succeed whatever is thrown at them.

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