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Capital Allowances Consultants - We are mostly human!!

This is a very short blog which has been inspired by reading a recent article about capital allowances claims on commerical property in a publication which is aimed at Tax Professionals. Without wishing to go overboard it was, in my opinion, a poorly written article and I think was not only confusing but misleading. It was trying to clarify the issues around capital allowances when buying / selling commercial property.

All I am going to say is that it highlighted the importance for me of taking advice from capital allowances specialists who have practical experience of interpreting the rules. This advice needs to be taken as early in the buying / selling process as possible so as to avoid any disruption to the conveyancing process. Most capital allowances specialists are happy to give advice without charging only making their fees when they are engaged by a client to make a claim on their behalf.

So if you are an accountant or tax adviser (or solictor) who has a client who is buying or selling a commercial property please talk to a capital allowances specialist. As professionals we are all acting in the best interests of our clients and sometimes this means recognising we need outside advice.  Also be careful when reading articles which are written by those who have no practical experience of carrying out capital allowances claims and therefore do not necessarily know how to apply the rules in a practical sense. 


About plummy1

After failing at and early age to make a living by playing guitar, I started a career helping clients to save money and become more efficient. In 2009 I set up Curtis Plumstone Associates to concentrate on undertaking Capital Allowances Claims on Commercial Property. My business partner is a Deloittes trained expert in this field and my job is to keep him as fully employed as possible on projects large and small.   


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