CEO and founder ihorizon
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Embrace the start up culture to win tech clients

30th May 2017
CEO and founder ihorizon
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When we set up ihorizon in 2008, adopting the start-up mindset was easy: we were one.

We grew as the number of start ups launching in London was skyrocketing and used all our energy and resources to build a company that could offer new, fast-growth tech companies an accounting service that was completely focused on their needs.

Eight years on and we’re a 40-strong team, working with more than 250 tech companies and have helped clients raise over £240m in funding. But start up culture is still at the core of our business. This is partly because we’re still growing and always adapting to our clients’ needs. But partly also because we naturally gravitate towards this way of working: it enables us to identify with our clients and also attract new talent, who are drawn to new, flexible ways of working.

Creative office space

We worked closely with Hubble to rent our London office space, which we chose to reflect the culture of our team and the community we are in. As a thought leader in finance solutions for start ups, we wanted our team to have plenty of opportunity to be creative and share ideas, so we chose an open, flexible space with lots of natural light, and fun, social features like table tennis and a DJ deck.

The idea was to ensure our staff enjoyed coming into the office and felt inspired by their surroundings. And it’s an idea that works. Our team loves our office and this is reflected in the positive and fresh way we work, both with our clients and each other.

We’ve found our office space also appeals to new tech clients, who immediately feel on home ground when they walk through the doors (many clients are our neighbours too). For start-ups, where growth and runway is everything, outsourcing your finances is completely new and a big step - the fact that they can see we understand this, and that we’ve built our company with their needs in mind, goes a long way to winning new business.

A key part of our culture, like many growing tech companies, is continuous learning. We encourage this through fortnightly in-house training sessions with our staff and workshops for external professionals to make sure we’re all at the forefront of innovation. Here again though, location helps. Basing ourselves in the heart of Shoreditch, surrounded by other like-minded companies, means we can tap into regular start-up events, engage with the tech community and really feel the pulse of what issues our clients have and how we can solve them.

We’re the first to hear about or test new advancements in tech. And as our clients have grown, we’ve been able to find new ways to help them, whether it’s raising a new funding round or launching an office in Silicon Valley. Our proximity to our clients, physically and culturally, has helped them grow and, in turn, us.

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By chatman
10th Jun 2017 10:04

"As a thought leader..." but not in modesty!

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