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Blogger of the Year 2013: Who will it be?

11th Dec 2013
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Community correspondent Rachael Power introduces what looks to be a particularly competitive category in the 2013 AccountingWEB Community Awards. 

Here on AccountingWEB, our community blog section has increased quite rapidly over the last 12 months and we now have 24 featured bloggers and many more valued and regular contributors. 

We've been really pleased to see bloggers who started blogging with us over the last year, including last year's winner An Accountant in Business, The Philip Fisher column and A Mum and an Accountant, remain as active and engaging members a year on.

As part of the 2013 Community Awards, one of the categories is to celebrate one member for their contribution to this section in our Blogger of the Year category. 

During the past year, old favourites such as Simon Sweetman, the Practitioner's Diary and Not Just Numbers have been joined by: 

The Financial Controller's Diary a weekly insight into life in the finance department, written by the mysterious financial controller of a small tech company 

Man of Kent - written by popular Aweb member Kent Accountant, this blog takes a look at his life as a sole practitioner 

Tax with Tallon - written by Gabelle founder Paula Tallon, dealing with the ins and outs of setting up and growing a practice

Electrons or Atoms? - a technology focused blog written by cloud accounting software Xero's managing director Gary Turner 

But who has made the blog section a better place to be for you in 2013? Who's blogging updates do you watch out for, entertain you the most or provide you with the most insight? 

Nominate your favourite in a comment below to register your vote and you could win them recognition and a prize from our lovely sponsors at Clear Books. 

You can also vote by 'thanking' a comment in which someone you'd like to nominate has already been mentioned. The winner will be announced in our final bulletin before Christmas on 20 December. 


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Replies (16)

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By tom123
11th Dec 2013 22:01

Man of Kent

I'll kick off by voting for Kent Accountant,


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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
11th Dec 2013 23:26

Second vote for kent.
Man of Kent has similar background to me so find I can relate his blog more.

It's often light hearted which is good as I don't enjoy the blogs that are merely people flogging their services.

Keep it up Kent.

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By ShirleyM
12th Dec 2013 07:55

A 3rd vote for Kent

No drama, no hysterics, but KA writes about real life situations we can all relate to ....  and it makes a damn good read. :)

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By A mum and an accountant
12th Dec 2013 09:05

Man of Kent for me too
His blogs are very easy to read and very inspiring.

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By Archon
12th Dec 2013 10:12

An Accountant in business for me

Accountant in business, his blog is usually an interesting read. Plus he has a cool car.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
12th Dec 2013 10:20


Thanks for all the kind words :)

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By mrme89
12th Dec 2013 10:36

I enjoy reading Kents.


However, I do like seeing how the business of THE FC Diary is growing and changing.


I also like Glenzzy's but isn't as frequent as the other two.


The Flying Scotsman hasn't been mentioned. He always has something interesting to debate.


Kent has edged it for my vote though!

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
12th Dec 2013 12:25


I am taking 2 weeks off at Xmas and will write a stock of blogs for release in the New Year. I have some belting topics to cover. Let me know if you have topics you would like me to mention and I will build them into future blogs.

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Replying to Paul D Utherone:
Routemaster image
By tom123
13th Dec 2013 21:10

Look forward to them

Glennzy wrote:

I am taking 2 weeks off at Xmas and will write a stock of blogs for release in the New Year. I have some belting topics to cover. Let me know if you have topics you would like me to mention and I will build them into future blogs.


I look forward to them too

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By Flash Gordon
12th Dec 2013 13:26

Vote for Kent

Interesting, relevant and doesn't involve toys.

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By mrme89
12th Dec 2013 14:14

I look forward to it Glennzy. Nothing in mind, I just enjoyed the blogs you had done to date.


Keep your eye on the ball for the 2014 prize :P

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By ChrisDL
13th Dec 2013 15:33

A few I like

I enjoy the personal angle blogs – Lilac1, Glennzy and I am sure Sir Digby will come into that category. I’ve always followed The Practitioner as I work for a practice in a rural area and The FC looks like it will be an interesting tale over time – but I do miss the FD.


Flying Scotsman is always thought provoking and Philip Fisher covers a wide range of topics (plus I’m a gadget fan too).


The “selling blogs” I never read – move them into suppliers please!

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By redman7
13th Dec 2013 16:37


Another vote for Kent - his posts have been very interesting and relevant to me.

And I live in Kent, so I have to support him !

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By I'msorryIhaven'taclue
14th Dec 2013 16:28

Another Vote for Kent...

..not the First One.

A "must-read" blog for ambitious practitioners, as MOK describes his struggle for success.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
15th Dec 2013 19:41

And the winner is ... Kent Accountant

I vote for Kent Accountant too.

There are a number of interesting and thought-provoking blogs ... amongst the advertising blogs.  I don't mind a commercial blogger writing about matters from their own commercial perspective and in doing so raising their company's profile in a subtle way, but there are some that have no idea what subtle means.

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By [email protected]
17th Dec 2013 11:48

Who I won't be voting for...

I won't be voting for 'TopUp Tax Fantasy Football' that is for sure...

Ok I'm just bitter about not doing particularly well!

P.s Man of Kent would get my vote.

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