Top 10 tips for unemployed accountants

Rachael Power
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More and more accountants have been approaching CABA during the last 12 months for help with getting back into work, writes CABA's service manager Kelly Feehan.

In response, we have launched a range of services to assist those who are unemployed. However, there are some simple steps you can take that can be very effective.

Here is our newly-compiled list of the top 10 tips that could help you to find a job:

1. Identify your skills

Ask yourself what you have to offer to a potential employer. Include everything from your formal qualifications and the skills you have developed in previous jobs to personal and social skills, such as your ability to work as part of a team.

2. Be flexible 

Don’t be too blinkered when it comes to the type of job you want to target. Try to identify two or more different types of jobs for which your skillset and experience would make you suitable.

3. Harness the press

Printed newspapers and trade journals can still be good sources of job advertisements and news, so find out which carry relevant job adverts and the days they become available.

4. Know where to search online

Of course, the prime source of job advertisements today is the internet but you must identify the best places to look. For instance, ICAEW Jobs lists the latest positions available for chartered accountants.

5. Register with agencies

Many recruitment agencies specialise in particular types of accountancy work, so target those that recruit people with your particular skills.

6. Make the most of social media

A growing number of organisations use social media to advertise jobs. Identify companies for which you are interested in working and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully completed and up to date.

7. Build a network

Many job vacancies are also filled by word of mouth but if you don't already have lots of connections, try attending industry conferences, meetings and lectures to make some useful contacts.

8. Go direct

Many job vacancies are never even advertised so it is a good idea to contact directly companies that may be recruiting.

9. Tailor your CV

Once you have found a job for which you want to apply, it is a good idea to tailor your CV for that particular role, highlighting skills and accomplishments that are particularly relevant.

10. Stay focused

It's easy to become negative about job hunting, especially if you've been trying for a while without any success. But don't give up. Stay focused and optimistic.

To find out more about how CABA can help you get back into work, click here.

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