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Calling HMRC Accounts Office

6th Nov 2009
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I hate phoning the Accounts Office (1 for Shipley, 2 for Cumbernauld etc).  HMRC have a message that is now more than two minutes long, before it even rings.  I put it on loud speaker and then do some filing or something else meaningful until the talking stops.  Can't do anything worthwhile as it drills through my head.

What a waste of resources for clients.  Create a tax system that is so complicated that even accountants struggle at times - just read AccountingWeb!  Then make sure that you waste even more of our clients money by causing massive inefficiency when fielding calls.  If this was a business all of the customers would just hang up and go elsewhere, but there is nothing like a monopoly situation.  HMRC should have a KPI that all calls must start ringing within 30 seconds! 


Must try to keep out of using jargon - KPI = Key Performance Indicator


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