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He wasn't joking!

20th Jan 2011
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January runs as normal - well for me anyway. A hangover of technical writing that didn't get done before Christmas (I was struggling to shake off the effects of radiotherapy without much success); new responsibilities taken on in optimism; Clients arriving with books (in spite of all promises to the contrary) and the phones, Esmerelda, the phones. My role as director of a miniscule tax software company is "Mrs Patient" in January. Our customers are mainly those who have a partnership but not enough money for an accountant. And many of them probably avoid computers at all costs - except in January. A heady mix - they need to download a file (after checking they have a PC not a MAC - some fall at this hurdle - one customer said "I don't understand"...), open excel ("What's that?") get the macros running, and fill in the return. Most needs lots of very patient support.

Phone rings "Mrs Benneyworth?";"Yes";"This is the Institute of Chartered Accountants". "OK". (You know what's coming next...)

"Your practice has been selected for a Quality Assurance visit". (He might have used different words, but my eyes had glazed over by this point...)

Well anyhow, long story short it seems these are remote visits nowadays. They send you a form to fill in and then phone and discuss it. Booking the phone call was a bit of a laugh - first offer 31 January. "Don't you dare", said I and then realised he wasn't laughing. Bit more respect needed on my part... We agreed that 2 February might be a bit better. Not least because I know that the software phones will be in meltdown on 31 and I'll have done about 20 late nights on the trot by then. We're open until midnight on 31 and I was still selling software after 11pm last year and helped a customer file with 0.03 seconds to go... Roll on February, say I (as usual)!


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By fozia
21st Jan 2011 12:33

Bless you!

I always take heart from these stories, when you find out no matter how bad your work / life seems in January, there is always some poor soul, somewhere in UK, worse off than you!

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