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January - an exciting start to the year

7th Jan 2009
Partner Rebecca Benneyworth Training Consultants
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Rebecca BenneyworthPosted by Rebecca Benneyworth, Editor,

Well, on the one hand there are accounts and tax returns to be finished. And that client to chase for his books (it's always the same one - every year without fail. Oh yes, and I have a 2007 full enquiry winding down to closure.

Then the phone won't stop ringing - I'm manning the helpline for my software company this month, for those getting stuck filing their returns. Some customers ing every year and ask the same question (some even own up to being sure they asked me this last year but can't remember the answer)- Bless em!

Then there is of course the real excitement of a new challenge. Taking over from Nichola is a great honour, and I am so excited about the year ahead I can hardly sleep. What a great way to start the new year.

That's without all of the interesting consultation documents to read (I know, my defintiion of interesting is probably not the same as anyone else's!).

And finally, as the month progresses (and the heat turns up on tax returns) I shall be starting to prepare material for my return to the lecture circuit. I'm jolly glad not to be trying to dash around the country in the freezing weather. My poor car isn't very keen on ice and snow - slipping about all over the place.

Well I had better get back to work then!


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By jairorojas
07th Jan 2009 13:24

Dear Rebecca,
BASDA would like to welcome you and congratulate you on your new post.

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