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AccountingWEB’s 2022 editorial calendar

21st Dec 2021
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Along with the usual annual compliance headaches, 2022 sees the long awaited mandatory MTD for VAT start date in April and the end of Covid support schemes such as the reduced 12.5% VAT rate. 

The year ahead is expected to see firms pick up practice development plans which they have had to put on ice over the past year due to the ever-changing demands of the covid pandemic. Meanwhile, the delay to MTD ITSA in 2021 has also given accountants an extra year to prepare and plan. 

So, as our 2022 editorial calendar shows, we will be spending the year ahead exploring what firms will be doing with that extra time and how they kick-start their practice growth ambitions again.

Some could be looking into new services like bringing bookkeeping in-house or moving into the hot new virtual finance trend. Others may now use 2022 to jumpstart their spring shopping season again after Covid had put that on pause.   

We will get an insight into how successful firms have been in achieving their growth plans at the glitzy Accounting Excellence Awards ceremony in London in October. 

Our editorial calendar will also come to life at the two day AccountingWEB Live Expo extravaganza which returns to the Coventry Building Society Arena on 30 November to 1 December - we hope to see you there. 

Here are some of the big stories and topics to mark in your calendars and look out for on AccountingWEB in 2021.


  • Self assessment season: Any snags, exclusions or client headaches affecting practitioners, plus a look at Covid-related late filings
  • People and wellbeing: The last stretch of self assessment season always leads to an increase in stress. We’ll find out resilience tips from tax agents on the front line. 
  • Cashflow and credit control: With insolvency risk high and the Plan B measures squeezing small business and hospitality, we’ll look at ways to mitigate business closure.


  • Where are we now with audit? The new regulator was announced in March 2019, and is expected to be fully implemented in 2023, but while we wait, auditing is in limbo. 
  • What would you do differently: Along with the usual getting your bills out, community victories, and considering what you would do differently, there is the incoming MTD ITSA to mull over too.
  • National apprenticeship week: With the recruitment crunch proving to be even more of a struggle for firms, we’ll explore the apprenticeship opportunity in growing your own. 
  • Practice process overhaul season: What tech tools are practices looking to add to their tech stacks? 


  • International women’s day: A series of stories from women in the profession and a chance to explore the ‘authority gap’ in accountancy firms. 
  • Virtual Finance movement grows: A growing number of accountants are adopting virtual finance director services. We’ll explore how this service has complemented firm's client service and practice growth ambitions.   
  • Focus on VAT: With the reduced VQ2AT rate of 12.5% on supplies of hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions, reverting to the standard rate of 20% next month, we’ll find out how firms are preparing clients for this transition. 
  • Payroll tools: Following the surge in interest in payroll, we'll take a look at software available in the market
  • Spring forecast 2022: The Chancellor has announced that the Spring 2022 forecast will take place on Wednesday 23 March. we'll cover the impact of any changes announced, and any stories arising from the data.


  • Spring software shopping season challenges: There is pent up demand from firms to develop/add to/replace their tech stack, but there is real nervousness about getting it right. 
  • Open Banking focus: The relaxing of the 90-day rule implemented in March has focused minds again on Open Banking and its benefits.
  • MTD for VAT: All VAT registered businesses must enter the MTD regime for VAT return periods starting on and after this date. We’ll be there for the last push to get businesses to comply with the new regime.  
  • Start of the new tax year: With the end of the start of the new tax year approaching, we will summarise the important PAYE and payroll changes coming into effect on 6 April.  
  • Data and expense management


  • Expenses and benefits (including P11D update): Employee benefits and expenses provided 2020/21 must be reported to HMRC by 6 July 2021
  • Focus on company cars and fleet: We’ll look at the company car options and the option to go green. 
  • Workflow: Workflow will be at the top of the to-do list for many firms post-SA season.


  • Pride month: Stories and opinions from LGBT accountants and what the profession can do for it to become more inclusive. 
  • Talent gap widens: We’ll look at the recruitment crisis and find out how firms are using technology, outsourcing and its culture to tackle it. 
  • Sustainability in the profession: We’ll put the focus on what accountancy firms are doing to reach their in-house net zero goals or to help assist their clients. 
  • Enterprise accounting/ERP


  • Skills for the future: In the second part of our recruitment series we’ll look at the skills firms are looking to develop.
  • Bookkeeping - the answer to MTD: We’ll look at the big bookkeeping trend adopted by many firms to tackle HMRC’s digital project.
  • Bookkeeping technology (client accounting services – outsourced finance or virtual FD work)


  • Making Tax Digital boot camp: The MTD delay has led to an extended period of planning and preparation. In this series, we’ll find out how accountants are using this time
  • MTD Bootcamp tax Preparation tech tools
  • Productising services: Some firms are narrowing their focus on a smaller client base and productising more ‘sticky’ services for them such as bookkeeping, payroll and more. 
  • Class of 2022: Meet the newest stars of accountancy and find out some of the challenges they’ve faced as they’ve taken a leap of faith. 


  • Digital transformation: We’re explore how firms are putting their pre-MTD automation plans into practice. 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We’ll look at ways accountancy firms have created an inclusive culture and the benefits this has brought in retaining and recruitment staff.
  • Big Four annual results: As the Big Four typically releases their annual results this month, we will be able to stack the firms up against each other and scrutinise their dominance of the profession.
  • Accounts production


  • Accounting Excellence awards: Hear from the winners and the cutting edge trends.
  • FD handbook: What are the key ingredients of a strategic finance director?
  • Black History month: To mark this month, we reflect on the barriers individuals have faced in the profession over the years and showcase their stories. 
  • FP&A tools


  • Budget, Legislation and Tax Day: If the Chancellor follows the same timeline as 2021 we’re due a Budget this month. We’ll track the latest news with expert commentary and practical advice. 
  • Budgeting and planning: A spotlight on the finance function's annual strategic goal setting and decision making.
  • Countdown to self assessment: After 20 years have clients eventually been trained to bring their information in early, or are early signs showing that they’ve fallen back to their tardy ways? 
  • Cybersecurity


  • AccountingWEB Live: Join us on 30 November -1 December for our Live Expo at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. We’ll report on the big sessions and software news as it happens. 
  • End of year review: A look back at the highs and lows of 2021.
  • Predictions for 2023: A round up of predictions from the accounting community, software vendors and thought leaders on what 2023 many bring.
  • AML

If you're an accountant or vendor with something to contribute to the site on any of the above areas, get in touch via the 'contact us' page. These topics are subject to change.