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AWEB relaunch: Public profile, user account and private messaging

28th Apr 2016
Editor AccountingWEB
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In a few days the new look AccountingWEB will have finally arrived. If all goes well, you will just arrive at a totally different looking AccountingWEB on Tuesday morning but without the hassle of having to log-in.

Wait, what? But you said you’ll be launching a new site, I hear you call. That’s right. Despite migrating to the new AccountingWEB, your user accounts will remain logged in. Brilliant, yeah?

So when you turn up Tuesday morning, what will your account look like?

We have managed to obtain some top secret screen shots while our tech team was beavering away at the new site. In the example below, our business editor Tom Herbert acts as our glamourous assistant, showing off his new profile picture.

As you can see, all your comments, questions, and blog posts are contained on your public profile. For bloggers, since all your blogs will now live under the blog tag, it’s important you update your biography – so your avid readers know what to expect when they dive into your blogs.  

Also, say you want to follow Simon Hurst’s Excel tutorials; well, the author's user profile lists all the articles, so you don’t have to route around to find the next article in the series or discover any more articles by your favourite contributor.

But will updating your biography be hard work? No, not at all!

As seen in the example below, you will be able to manage all your activity through your user account. Just add in the relevant detail, whether it is telling all the other members about yourself or promoting your Twitter account, and hit the save button. And that’s it – simple! You will then be updated.

Take note of the side bar. From here, you can jump to writing a blog post or asking a question without even having to navigate around the site.

After the site migration, you will still be able to swap messages with other members behind closed doors. Private messaging will work in pretty much the same way as it does now. The main difference our tech boffins have done is to declutter the tabs, which will help with your experience.  

If you want to know more about the new AccountingWEB, peruse over some of our previous editors' blogs where we tease all the important information you need to know:

So, are you looking forward to ripping back the curtain on the new AccountingWEB? Don’t worry, there’s not long to wait now. 


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By ShirleyM
03rd May 2016 21:09

My profile describes me as a blogger, which I am not. I've looked through the explanations above and looked at my profile, but can't find any options to change this.

What are the other options, other than blogger, and how do I change it, please.

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