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Christmas image: Santa Claus gets stuck in chimney on christmas eve
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Is there Christmas cheer to be reckoned this year?


Roving reporter Richard Sergeant ponders whether there will be much of a Christmas for accountants to celebrate this year. The results are somewhat confusing and unequivocally inconclusive.

17th Dec 2020
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It’s been a tough year. Let’s not kid ourselves that on top of the usual tax and end of year shenanigans, we could all do with seeing the back of 2020 and welcome the burning bright lights of 2021.

But before those promised lands we must face the festive season. “Gin and bare it” (sic) as the wise accountant once said.

But is there much of the non-alcoholic Christmas spirit around this year? After some intensive digging, all in the name of excellent journalism, I have decided that... well it depends.

Away from the manger?

Whether accountants serve Christmas well is perhaps the best place to start. 

The inhabitants of Stocking Pelham in Hertfordshire, won’t find one on their doorstep. Nor those of Carrot (Angus), Wiseman’s Bridge (Pembrokeshire) or indeed Turkey Island, Shedfield, (Hants). 

Sproutes (West Sussex) is chronically underserved, although perhaps it’s just not to everyone’s taste, and to be fair there seems very little to climb into at Chimney (Oxon). 

However, it may not be such a long journey by donkey or otherwise for those businesses and good tax-paying residents of Star (Somerset) and they may rely on Brooking RuseCranberry (Staffordshire) who can also enjoy the festive scent of Burnt Orange Accounting, and O’little town favourites LM Griffiths who, although are based in Haverfordwest, are trusted to watch the flocks of those in need of a warm payroll in Bethlehem.

The gifts that keep giving

As ever, some firms provide a candlelight glow of festive times all the year through. The gifts that just keep giving, so to speak. You would think that Stanley Yule of Birmingham (unfortunately not from Snow Hill) would bring enough good tidings for all, but there are more.

Follow Star Accountancy all the way to north London, or perhaps deck the halls with the greenery of Page Ivy. And you may be providing an expert service but many have taken the long journey to enjoy this south coast Craker.

Even they may not compete with the Christmas and Boxing Day doubleheader, courtesy of Sleigh and Story of Brighouse.

Fripperies to one side, food and drink are dear to us all and to accountants, it would seem, in particular. Magee Gammon with all the trimmings? Or perhaps we should just stick to the tipples of English wine, Irish sherry, and Australian brandi. Lovely.

Virtually Christmas

It would not be Christmas, of course, without the firm’s annual office party. But sadly virtual parties are not for everyone. Sitting at one’s home office desk trying to build up the dutch courage to participate in full throttle karaoke doesn’t bear thinking about. 

And, although I admire the spirit of willing to try the various online Escape Rooms on offer, to me it just feels a little off. Like a lonesome snowflake, or a stray receipt with no record of what it was for.

But perhaps we should worry less about Tiny Tim and more the bah humbug of the real life Elf-on-the-bleedin’-shelf that are insurance companies. Or how the grey santa suits at ARAG insurance decided to remind us all to hilariously ‘invite ABBA’ to your event:

A: Advise that normal workplace rules of conduct and behaviour still apply, and will be enforced.

B: Brief managers and supervisors to set a good example and give them the tools to head off problematic situations before they get out of hand.

B: Block anyone who may be behaving inappropriately.

A: Address any incidents or allegations as soon after the event as possible, and fairly according to normal procedures and policies.

Ho ho ho, indeed. At least it sounds like they’re expecting my kind of firm party.


So while we may be facing the metaphorical equivalent of this £112 Christmas tree beauty, we should perhaps embrace the whole of the office in a socially distant way, and remember to spread some of the love cheer in whatever way we can.

And now, to Christmas Steps, Bristol - near to the home of the book of carols that is AccountingWEB. Currently more tier 3 than three wise men, but wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.

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