At last it's over!

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Finally January is over!  This is my first proper year doing self assessment returns & I had a rush of last minute clients who came out of the woodwork!  Not that I am complaining too much but I will definitely be more organised next year and get my clients more organised as well.  I know that not all clients have the capability to be organized but on the whole my clients are a pretty good bunch.

So now I am catching up on those admin tasks that have slipped over the last month and focusing on getting more clients for the coming year.  Also going to review my fees for future clients, think I may be under valuing my services.  Going to have to phone some bookkeepers / accountants and pose as an electrician's wife!

Hope you all have a relatively easy week and take a well deserved rest!

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01st Feb 2010 17:20


I bet you're glad it's over! January is a hard month! Congratulations on your first AccountingWEB blog!

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