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HMRC looking for a couple of 6th formers

29th Nov 2018
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Sorry, this just tickled me and I had to share.

it occured to me that the hopeless .gov website looks as though it's been designed by a couple of half [email protected] 6th formers so just wondered if HMRC could turn it around in less than 30 months if they recruited another couple of sixth formers.


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By johnhemming
02nd Dec 2018 17:32

There is a conflict between designing websites to be as widely accessible as possible and using snazzy design. Unsurprisingly government websites tend to be designed to be accessible rather than pretty.

Personally I think that is the right priority and a priority I take into account when designing systems.

Hence those that I design are also not that pretty, but are accessible for people who have for example problems with sight.

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