Summer: A bad time to find a new job?

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Simon Gray
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As we enter the summer months, one of the questions I’m often asked is: ‘Is now a good time to be looking for a new job, or should I wait until the holiday period is over?’

It’s a great question and an important one to analyse. In any organisation, there is an argument that during the summer period there is less focus on business and more focus on holidaying – or is there?

In addition, as people venture off on holiday, those who remain are covering their colleagues’ workload, and are far too busy to be distracted by the need to hire – or are they?

Alternatively, is this the period employers take stock ahead of the run-up to Christmas and begin recruitment processes that have previously been put off? Is this the time when they actually have the time to make hiring decisions?

In reality, some organisations will be less inclined to recruit over the summer months, but others may use it as a golden opportunity to kick-start important recruitment activity.

Everything I advocate in successful job search comes back to proactive control – what you do and how you choose to do it. This directly determines your results in the job market. Furthermore, what you believe about the job market is what you’ll think, and these thoughts drive the action you choose to take (or not to take as the case may be).

Think about it – if your belief centres on the proposition that in the summer months organisations rarely make hiring decisions, you are unlikely to take effective action to uncover opportunities that may actually exist. Here the words ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ spring to mind!

On the other hand, if the majority believe this and take no action as a result, if you’re the one who doesn’t, won’t it be far easier to stand out? Successful job search is about standing out – observing what everyone else is doing and choosing to do the opposite is an important recipe for success.

When I’m asked what the most important thing is when it comes to finding a new position, my answer is always psychology. What you believe, how you think and therefore the action (and what’s more the consistent action) you’re prepared to take is the fuel that ignites the fire of fortune. Many believe it’s the CV/resume, but this is what everyone else is focusing on!

When I ran my recruitment business we won one of our biggest clients on Christmas Eve. I’m sure as Christmas grew closer many of our competitors held the belief that there was no business to be had and it was best to start back at it again in January. We, on the other hand, believed something different and used the Christmas period (right up until the day itself) as a way to keep in touch with existing clients and break ground with new ones. A call to the organisation in question landed at the right time and got through to the main decision maker (this was made much easier as his PA had already left for the year). There was a recruitment problem and we presented a solution, which led to repeat business for many years to come.

Even if you can’t see job opportunities relevant to your situation and experience advertised, don’t worry. A high proportion of career opportunities are never advertised in the public domain and instead exist in the place I call the ‘hidden market’, which results from how employers prefer to recruit. Believe in its existence, think it and act accordingly, and through a proactive approach where you’re in control, there’s a much higher probability of finding and securing the position you really want.

Of course, it’s important to take a holiday and to balance work with the opportunity to relax. However, if you’re not taking a break this summer and are keen to find a new position, before you hang up your gloves take a moment to question what you believe.

In summary, the best time to find a new position is when you’re ready to take proactive control of your job search. Before you take a break from your job search this summer consider whether now might be a great time to take action, to stand out, and to secure the opportunity you really want.


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Simon Gray

Simon Gray FCA is a chartered accountant, former professional recruiter and founder of Career Codex.

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07th Sep 2017 13:06

This is a really good report, the market rallied on it. You have to understand increasing wages against lower worker numbers means we've found or are near the full employment number again. Harvey will be shocking in what it does. We also have companies reporting in record level they expect total payroll counts to increase in Q3 and Q4. The report is all good news. Trump owns very little of it, Obama also owns little of it. Congress have been really good about offsets and the monetary policy balancing bonds against QE has been a master work in inflation control while keeping credit liquidity strong.
Some fundational headwinds we should worry about:
-Consumer debt is starting to rise again
-Home prices are starting to increase on a log
-REIT's are massively over exposed to softening brick and mortar reatailers (SEARS, Walgreens, Macy's, Nordstrum, Kroger, Safeway etc., CVS, and the list goes on)

Its really good news but not great news. The great news is our GDP is going to beat the 1.5% projection by at least double even with Harvey.

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