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On the Run

3rd Dec 2013
Chartered Management Accountant Midas Accountancy
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You would have thought that after 7 years the transition from working in practice for myself, to subcontracting for another firm would be fairly traumatic. It's been three weeks since I sold up and moved on, and it feels strange but in a good way. Granted the handover period was frantic and added a few grey hairs to my head. Initially I had to battle with the motivation to come into the office and spend time with (*gulp*) real people face to face. The team here are really very lovely so it is a big change but I feel it will help me ensure I don't give in to the depression and try to hide from the world whenever I am feeling down.

I had anticipated struggling to work for someone-else after so long managing myself (badly). In reality, I'm far too busy relishing the feeling of having the support of another accountant and a team of bookkeepers and administrators. The far biggest relief is not having to chase clients for payments and worrying about having bills to pay. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders and I can start living again!

So in summary, it's all good from this quarter. I do reflect occasionally on how I could have run my business better and been infinitely more successful. The person I am working for at present has managed to create everything I had dreamed of having in my own practice and I am in awe of her completely. But I have to accept that I was (still a bit am) burnt out.

I'm taking my first non-business owner holiday on Thursday and I just can't wait!


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By ShirleyM
03rd Dec 2013 13:24

Congratulations, SDC :)

I'm so happy for you, and really chuffed that you are sharing your good news with us. 

Hopefully, you will have the time (and energy) and inclination to treat us to a regular blog.

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By A mum and an accountant
03rd Dec 2013 15:57

Enjoy your holiday....
... And I look forward to reading more blogs from you.

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By SteveOH
04th Dec 2013 09:35

Well done

I am really pleased that things have worked out for you. It's difficult having to make such a big decision in your life but it seems to be working out.

I look forward to reading your future blogs.

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By Flash Gordon
04th Dec 2013 09:39


Well done you! That whole going into another office scenario sounds damn scary to me so I'm inpressed anyway :)

Looking forward to the blog...

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