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The clock watching subbie

13th Dec 2013
Chartered Management Accountant Midas Accountancy
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Perhaps the hardest adjustment for me so far in moving from owning my own company to working for someone-else has to be the issue of time. I can't seem to get out of the mindset of thinking in terms of chargeable hours and mentally calculating the profit I am generating for my new boss. Strictly speaking that is her job and I'm sure she would prefer it to stay that way. But, as a subbie I feel vulnerable. I need to make sure that I represent good value for money, or the boss will get rid of me (and so she should!).

It's also struck me that one of the major issues with my former practice was the way I managed my time. There have been many debates on the issue of keeping a timesheet and I think I had been deterred from keeping detailed time records on many of my Any Answers posts. On reflection, I think it would have been a very useful exercise, perhaps as a one-off exercise, to help me put into perspective how much time was wasted faffing about. These days, I feel self conscious nipping to the kitchen in the office to make a cup of tea and have a quick chat with the receptionist. Previously I would spend several hours in committee meetings for the local school PTA and not think anything of it. When there are only 30 child-free hours per week to play with, every hour is precious.

It seems so obvious now, but then isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!


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By tom123
15th Dec 2013 10:17

adjustment will take a while

I have just started a new job (3 weeks in) and the approach to time is different to my old.

It is a small manufacturing firm (30 staff) - and everyone seems to pull together. The owner sits in the open plan office with us.

No-one takes any lunch breaks (which are only 30 mins anyway) - and everyone starts early and leaves late.

I should point out that the atmosphere is positive, rather than draconian, in that we feel valued etc.

Having said that, my previous overseas owned corporate firm was very different - we didn't have the 'buy in' that you get in a smaller firm.

Like you, I am trying to make a good impression in my first weeks - I think I am doing OK - but haven't really had any feedback yet.

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