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Three tips for retaining the staff you love

5th Jun 2017
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Finding great staff is like finding a needle in a haystack. So when you do come across them, how do you ensure they stay with you for the long run?

According to recent research conducted into the UK recruitment market:

35% of staff prefer flexible working - perfect for parents and those with longer commutes

28% would like bonus leave days for length of service - reward those who stay with you longer

9% would like a gym membership - helps reduce workplace anxiety and depression

8% selected childcare vouchers - relieves the pressure and shows you care about their home lives

With this in mind, Steve Thompson, managing director of Forward Role Recruitment shares his advice on ways to retain your staff.

Stay competitive

No matter how much your employees may love your company, if they aren’t being paid what they deserve then they will likely find someone who will. While there is only a certain amount you can do, it’s certainly worth ensuring you are paying your people competitively.

Industry benchmarking gives you a better idea of how much you should be paying, while tools like Salary Survey can also help. While average salaries won’t be set in stone and can vary by industry, region or company, it gives you a good picture of what is a decent and well-rounded figure for your talent.


If annual salary is the most important factor to consider with a job, then the benefits and incentives that come alongside it are close behind in second. What else a company can offer a person in exchange for their work is a key tool for employee engagement, keeping your workforce healthy, boosting loyalty and also encouraging competition in recruiting and retaining.

The opportunity to develop

Nowadays, employees worth keeping aren’t just looking for a job; they want a career where they can learn and progress. Providing regular opportunities to train and develop is an easy way to boost your employees’ motivation. If someone feels uninspired and stagnant in their role their commitment will start to dwindle and they may look elsewhere.

By taking your time and recruiting quality people, you’ll certainly reap the benefits in the future, and be able to focus on growing your business with the help of the best talent in the industry.

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