The Spinning Lady Optical Illusion

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How I became fascinated with the spinning lady!

A number of years ago I developed a CPD course on life long learning which morphed into a course on learning and memory skills.  This in turn developed an existing fascination about how the mind works, in particular the difference between the left and right hand side of the brain.

I use a number of training games to illustrate the differences and one of the best I've found is the spinning lady optical illusion.

Look at the image in the video and see if you think the lady is spinning clockwise or anticlockwise?

I’ve tried this with many people on training courses and it’s amazing the split opinions I receive.

There are just as many people who believe she is spinning clockwise as anti-clockwise.

One trend is that I have noticed accountants predominantly pick anti-clockwise. However, even though I'm an accountant I could only see her spinning clockwise in years of trying!

I sat down recently I thought I'd try and figure it out. A similar experience to those magic eye pictures that were a craze in the early 90's. If you want to understand how it works. I've set it out step by step here on the Financial Fluency Website.

It would be interesting to know which direction is predominant on accountingweb and see if it's true that accountants predominantly see her spinning anti-clockwise!


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