Apologies for absence

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July 9 - I am well aware I have been away from this blog for a week or so. Please accept my apologies. I have not been on holiday. I have been unwell, again. 

For the first time in my life I appear to be having something other than a cough or cold, and I can tell you I don't like it and I am not suited to it. I had shingles and thought it had gone away but either that's wrong or I have some other malaise - but whatever it is, and as yet that is unknown, I simply did not have the strength to go to work last week. It's my hope to do so some  time this week. 

In the meantime AM and East are holding the fort - I am sure quite well. And I am reflecting, a lot. Not least because my wife says this is the cumulative effect of too much work over a long period that has finally caught up with me - and that my body is saying for my own good reason I must stop. I'd like not to agree. But I'm thinking about it. She's been right before - although I also know that this is not the moment to make any decisions.

I'll do that when I'm feeling better. 

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12th Jul 2012 11:40

Get Well Soon

Hope you make a full and speedy recovery - and in the process work out how to work less

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12th Jul 2012 22:10


From me too.  No need to apolgise for absence (although I always look forward to your contributions)  - get yourself sorted out

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17th Jul 2012 10:44

Planning for less

I hope you are recovering!!!

How will you make sure you don't suffer a recurrence once you return?

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