Call that a day off?

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10 April - Took the weekend away with the family and intended to return this morning. However, before even setting off East rang to say there was a real opportunity for use no more than 50 miles from where we were staying. Could I get there?

15 minutes later a car was sorted, my apologies were made to my family and my wife got the short straw of packing and driving the crowd home.

I headed out to convert a deal, having been told I'd better do so by you can guess who!

Did I? Who knows yet, but East was right. This is an opportunity for us and the speed of response (helped by my taking a half respectable jacket on holiday and calling in at an M & S for a tie) surprised the prospect - until I told them the story, which if anything added to the favourable impression.

Not a day off after all then. But I wouldn't mind this close to a few more holidays.

Mind you - I did buy some flowers on the way home. You have to get some things right!

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