Disappearing debtors annoy me

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February 24 - We've been bugged of late by a series of, admittedly relatively small, debtors 'disappearing'.

What I mean is the company running a property simply seems to do a runner. There is no reply from the registered office. Letters are ignored. Then the accounts go overdue, and the company seems to get struck off without trace.

It's not costing a fortune but it sure as heck is costing, and that's profoundly annoying. I don't want to have to charge all small limited companies a deposit to use our service but I don't want to lose out either. 

Why can't we have a way of tracing limited companies properly? And why do those who lend their addresses for registered offices seem to have no care about this issue when the company goes AWOL?

OK. That's the Friday moan over. 


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Loud Silence

Uncharacteristic loud silence from the readers on this point!  Is it  because they're mostly at the other end - they're the people whose addresses are used by client companies as registered offices.


Problem is there's little they can do to help.  Quite possibly the accountant himself isn't going to be paid if his client company has been struck off and no longer exists!

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26th Feb 2012 04:17

It's normal

People set up a company and then decide that the obligations are too onerous and simply ignore everything. They will effectively be working in the black economy.

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29th Feb 2012 14:04

Disappearing Debtors

After having tracked mail undelivered by Royal Mail, I reported my findings to Companies House, advising that it appeared the registered address of a company was not occupied. Their response was that 'the records can only be changed by the company itself, however if they are unable to be brought up to date, steps may be taken to remove the Company from the register'. By the time the company is struck off, they may well have been able to dupe numerous creditors, leaving a trail of unpaid debts behind. Surely there should be a way of companies House actually verifying the information supplied before publishing it on public record.

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29th Feb 2012 14:34

Companies House

Do you think they care?

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