Do we need a consultant?

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May 25  -  The best wishes of CEO's don't always translate easily into action.

AM and East both see the logic of my reorganisation. But - and it's a massive but - when we dedicated a little time to it - and that's all we've managed to find - we immediately ran into trouble.

How do we define new patches?

Have we really got enough people to run them?

How do we change incentives?

How do we avoid cluttered lines of accountability overwhelming senior managers?

It's not that straightforward.

And when we all managed a quick conversation this afternoon it was East who raised the question "do we need a consultant to help us on this?"


We've never really done this. Darn it, I don't like consultants. So he was brave to mention it.

And after the initial negative reaction from me I had to agree to go away and sleep on it.

And with a glorious weekend in prospect I may even leave that until next week. 


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By mattb67
28th May 2012 00:18

Speaking as a consultant....

.... no you don't need one. You've identified in your post that you haven't been able to allocate sufficient time and there's your problem.

You and your senior team know the business and issues you need to resolve to make an effective re-organisation.After all you know your strategy and a restructure is going to be all about supporting that strategy. If it's that important you'll find the time.

Good luck.

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28th May 2012 09:07

To find the time...

Are there any activities you (or East or AM) would delegate to these teams once they have been created? If yes, can you delegate any of these activities to these to teams now, so as to create the time to create the teams?

That may seem glib - but it is the first place to look. What can you offload?

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