Excuse me while I take a nap

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January 24 – On the late train journey home – because wherever possible I go by train unlike almost anyone else in the company, who will I think drive round the corner rather than walk, let alone think of public transport. In the process they fail to see all the productivity gains and the fact that, unlike them, I can sleep during the journey.

Now oddly I didn’t mean to talk about sleep – but now I’ve mentioned it I will, because it is a favourite subject of mine. I sleep, and much more than many people think because I have a reputation for early morning emails (but not late night ones, well at least not very late night). But the reason why people don’t realise I skeep as much as I do is I cat nap whenever I can.

I’m lucky in this regard. I do have my own office at work – and will, if tired, shut the door. Everyone knows that means ‘do not disturb’. And I turn IT off or to silent and sleep for 20 minutes. It can add three productive hours to my day.

It’s why I also ensure there is a quiet room in the office with comfy chairs and people are allowed to use it – but it is as described: I tell them, no phones, no conversation, no interruption. Sometimes people need to be quiet. And given I also tell people to have lunch time – and I am aware how rare that is – they’re allowed to sleep too. But few do.

Why? What’s the phobia? Why can’t people even face quiet? What are they worried about? There’s nothing to be frightened of in wanting space, quiet and rest, even during the working day. People would be a lot ore productive if only they admitted that a little R & R (as Hallo magazine would call it) during the day is wonderfully restorative.

So if you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to snooze.

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25th Jan 2012 09:52

You're very lucky

if you can catnap like that - I think very few people can. I know if I tried I would either not sleep at all or be out for hours (and feel dreadful afterwards).

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By Luke
25th Jan 2012 11:24

I agree, you're very lucky

When power snoozes were all the rage in the mid 90s, I was out on audit  one day and really tired at lunchtime.  I decided to power snooze for 20 minutes, lo and behold I woke up 3 hours later slumped on the boardroom table feeling rubbish. 

I'd love to be able to catnap but it's not for me as I always feel dreadful afterwards. Good for those that can though, I'm envious.

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27th Jan 2012 13:37

A quiet room

Bliss! When you think  of the constant flow of noise, chat, phones, computers, queries, questions, decisions etc - just brilliant to have a quiet space just to stop for a while - Sheer brilliance

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02nd Jul 2012 21:25

I for one salute you.

Very few people appreciate that human canbe MORE productive, if sometimes they are allowed to do less than "110%" that is so often asked for.

Apart from the fact that we accountants know that if giving 110% were possible then giving 100% is really "90%"...i digress....how nice to see someone who appreciates what humans really need in order to perform instead of KPi's!


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