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May 8 – The time has come to acknowledge that the we need to address a key issue in this company – which is pay.

We have a problem with pay. We pay a lot of it. And not always fairly.

Some who have been here a long time have enjoyed better bonus schemes in the past – inherited from an era before I arrived – which puts this in context! Those people were massively over-incentivised for growth and the need to bring in sales at all costs. And we now don’t, or should I say, can’t have that focus. And they’re losing out.

Since then many people have had different offers. They’ve focused on quality and retention, as I would wish. And because things by and large worked – and we could always say the better scheme was an old one we couldn’t replace, it’s been accepted.

Well, not now. The longer term employees are now losing and complaining and it’s little comfort top be told they had it better all along.

Painfully slow negotiations are underway to align all bonus arrangements. That should keep me quiet until Christmas as in some cases I’m doing these – or at least sitting in on them. We don’t want to alienate people. 

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