Flashback: A plan of action

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This instalment is originally from the FD's Diary, dating back to 2003.

December 18 – No shareholder contact today at all, for me or Ops.
So we went out to lunch instead – at their expense. We need a strategy. Admittedly without seeing the shareholder agreement that will be hard to determine. And whilst Ops has been committed to this place for a long time he knows I have the option of getting out if things get tough. After all, I got this job, and so could probably get another, which is one of the great securities being an accountant can afford (well, not as much now as it used to, but still more than for many people).
So we played with some scenarios. And in the end we decided we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, with just one exception on which we did agree. And that is that if they want to play silly with us, they’ll have to pay for the privilege. Neither of them can run this show. In that sense they’re quite dependent upon Ops really. But he feels vulnerable despite that (probably too many years of being put down by the CEO). So, he needs me, I realise. And grief will come at a price or I will walk. And it’s a curiously powerful feeling to realise that I’m the only one here who’s probably got that option.


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