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May 22 - I frequently wonder why the only time I ever find to write these comments these days is when the day is over or when on trains (always my preferred method of travel when possible - and I have the advantage of being able to persuade people to pick me up).

Tonight it's back from a day in the north. Customer meetings but more importantly pay reviews meant I'v been there for two days.

There was nothing exciting in either of those events but I think I am clearer on the bigger issue of how we reorganise the management. I look at North who runs this team and much as I like him and respect what he does know he has also been promoted to the limit of his ability, which is why he is not a member of the core management team.

Those who have been reading this for a long time will know that when I first became CEO the management team was much bigger than now. Candidly, I'm pleased it shrunk. East, AM and I can make the core decisions the business needs and between us can also communicate them well - and invest time in making sure we do, not just to the next tier of managers but more widely.

But that does not undermine that next tier who are strong operational managers with team leadership skills but without obvious strategic strength, which is fine! That's what I need more of.

I think it's time to have more middle managers with better career opportunity for some of our people who are a bit stuck with the security they know we can offer which means they have not left even when the prospects for advancement have not been obviously present.

I know middle management is meant to be anathema, but I think I can make money for more middle management mixed with better motivated people I know I won't be taking a rick on. I think a team reorganisation is on the way if I still feel like this in the morning. I know AM and East are inclined to agree - not least because (let's b candid) it also in some ways makes their status clearer too.

Now, how long to home time?

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