Honesty pays

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September 8 - AM's off and her deputy came in to see me this morning looking worried.

She had discovered that one of our customers has been over-billed against the contract price for almost two years. It's not a massive amount each time. but over two years it adds up to quite a sum.

She wanted to know what to do? She'd obviously been tempted to sweep it under the carpet but equally wanted to dump the responsibility for making the decision.

I was emphatic. I said we'd refund straight away. I could see how it happened. I reckoned there's a very small chance indeed it's a systemic failure but is instead a chance one off when a downgrade took place. So we pay back. Credit note and no questions - cash in the post. 

She looked amazed.

I had one explanation: "Honesty pays" I said.

Because it does. Always. 


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08th Sep 2011 22:19

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