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I know you're out there

25th Oct 2011
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October 25 - Yes I know there are people out there. And some even read this stuff. And I would like to write more. So why aren't I? Because it seems relentlessly, endlessly, fraught right now.

The issues are multifold. It's half term so people are off (and not me, huh - Friday excepted). We're rolling out quotes for the recent new customer for much more of their estate. Finance are battling a bit of a cash flow issue (where did all the debtor payments go?). IT is having fun and we are seriously looking at updating technology again.

And then there's the shareholders. But that's tomorrow now.

Sometimes even I find it hard to stop and think before a keyboard.

But I don't think that's a problem. The effort seems to be paying off. At least I hope so. But I also realise I badly need a cup of tea and can't remember the last one.

So I'm going again. 


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By Brend201
25th Oct 2011 17:45

Keep at it

Thank you for thinking of us. 

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By landscaper
26th Oct 2011 09:37

Keep going

Hello CEO, I'm out here and have been for years (well since your beginning!) - I love reading your blog and don't worry if there are few gaps now and then because I'm a bit fraught at the moment too. 

Enjoy Friday.


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By k743snx
26th Oct 2011 13:13

We're out here!

Still like to know what became of the CEO's VAT inspection a few months back, we were never enlightened.

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By Luke
27th Oct 2011 09:21

I'm here too!
I read nearly all of your posts although don't tend to comment. Along with the VAT inspection, can we know what happens with your multi-named employee please?
Thanks :-)

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