I'm bored

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October 31 – A long weekend and then I met the Chair for breakfast this morning.

We discussed last week’s board meeting and he was clearly pleased but I had to admit to the fact that over the weekend I had made myself come to terms with something that some who read this may have realised for some time, even though I have not.

Candidly, I’m bored.

That might seem to be a remarkably frank admission but as a mater of fact it seems to be true. I am working hard. I am seeking to deliver. But as is obvious, much of that is seeking to hold on to what we have got. And after eight years here I am now all too often dealing with sorting out situations that were all of my own making, however well intentioned, last time round, and there is something really rather odd about that. 

I am not sure why I realised this over the weekend. It just occurred to me. And once it had it was obviously true.

Of course, I have to some extent been here before. I tried to buy this company in 2008 and the banking collapse in the autumn of that year ended that. Then I was a non-exec director, but problems here and the fact that (if I’m honest) I was not making the headway I wanted ended that.

So I’m here, doing what I’ve done.

And I’m coming on for 50 and am wondering whether this is it for life? If so, what? Can I do that? 

I really don’t know. And I took the risk of sharing that with the Chair this morning. Maybe that’s rash – but he’s there to be my sounding board and I use him as such.

We’ve agreed to meet again soon. I need to work this one through.


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31st Oct 2011 16:52


How important is the money?

Who could replace you?

What else would you do?


Intrigued to see where this one goes . . .

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01st Nov 2011 11:53

Take some time out CEO

Be careful. I am in two minds whether talking to the Chair was a good idea. It can go either way.

I have made some rash decisions in similar situations. These tended to around "is this it?".

Take some time out. Go away for a long weekend and think about what you want for the rest of your working life. I need to do this as well!


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01st Nov 2011 12:32

Do your skills/interests involve making change happen?

I hadn't necessarily picked up that you were bored.

However, if that self-reflection is accurate then I agree with your intention [as echoed by other comments] to have a think.  In work terms does this indicate that you are better/happier at making significant change[s] happen rather than maintaining a steady state?  Obviously in turbulent economic times the latter is a relative term.

You indicate your age but perhaps a more relevant factor is the fact that you are the father of a toddler [don't tell me they're older - time flies fast enough as it is].  If there are not other jobs out there that offer professional challenges re changing organisations [but also the degree of security required by a dutiful father] then perhaps focusing on the changes you face as the little one grows might relieve the boredom.  What do you want/need to do differently with this child compared with the older siblings?  Can/should you have more time with them than perhaps you had earlier in your career?

Is there something new you want to do either with them or for other reasons.  At the age of 45 I accompanied our [then] 7 yr old to a Karate class to keep him company as we had moved to a new city and new style and he had to go back to beginner.  Two classes later I had the bug and am now a 2nd Dan and instructor and recently competed in the over 50s section of the World Championships.  He also got his Black belt as did my wife who we talked into joining us.  I am not simply suggesting you take up Shotokan [but you could try it :)] just that perhaps you can accept the "boredom" of keeping the business afloat in stormy weather if other aspects of your life provide change.


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