Is this the definition of recession?

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November 24 – What does happen to time now? I claim to be bored, and I am aware now that in a very real way this is true, and yet at the same time I am rushed off my feet.

The constant battle of seeing customers to renegotiate pricing, service levels, discounts and heaven knows what else is grinding. 

This week it also seems like the whole company has been hit by a virus so I had to cover for East, who is rarely off, for two days.

And in all that I did get the IT meeting under way. And then there was the boredom. Why the boredom in all the rush? Because I know that, despite all the rush, I’m sweating the small stuff as some American or other put it. This is all urgent but actually unimportant in the grand scheme of things. It’s minutiae. It keeps us going. But it’s grinding. It’s defensive action. It’s maintenance.

I look around and think I should be grateful for that. I have a job. I’ll keep a job at this rate. But it’s taking all my time to stand still.

Is that the definition of recession?

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By Flash Gordon
26th Nov 2011 10:06

And yet..

no comment whatsoever on the stress issue............. Fancy that.

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01st Dec 2011 11:02

Maybe this is how the IT bloke feels. Maybe this is why he's stressed.



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