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 May 6 – It’s a curious process listening to people.

I went out with one of more experienced team members today to visit a site and to talk to him. He’s been with the company a lot longer than I have.

We talked about the business we’ve lost, some of which he’d been dealing with. During the course of this he mentioned the fact that they’d been telling him for some time that they weren’t happy with a particular aspect of our service. I asked him to explain. It was all news to me.

“Had he told anyone?” I asked.

He hadn’t.

“Why not?” I asked.

“I assumed everyone knew”.

I phoned East. And Hitchin. Neither had known.


It was a bit late to learn now.

But it did provide an insight.

And a massive learning point.

It’s time to reiterate the need for people to report when customers aren’t happy before it’s too late.

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By aburt01
11th May 2011 11:52

Talk is cheap... but lack of communication can be very expensiv

I am surprised you don't seem to have in place an account review process where anyone working on the account is routinely polled for feedback by the account management type.

"It's the people on the ground wot gets the blame".  Consider: what role do managers play in this?  Sometimes communication is better when manager's are seen to be eager to listen.  i.e. what you are doing now shows you are keen to hear every detail, good or bad.  You are giving of your time and it will produce results.

Perhaps managers are routinely assuming that there is nothing to hear from those on the ground?

I join with many others in wishing you every success in your endeavour.  It's also, I imagine, quite releasing and cathartic for all concerned.

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