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It's still not going well

18th Jul 2012
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July 18 - I remain off work.

I have no idea why. Nor does anyone else. My spirit is willing, and I am doing what I can from home for the team. But my flesh is not cooperating.

As yet tests do not say why I am so laid low that doing very much exhausts me.

I take comfort from the fact that first I have a team who can manage.

And secondly that I will be paid.

And third that I am told there is nothing life threatening so far found by anything.

But this is a new experience for me. I've never been laid low like this before and doing nothing - especially though no choice of my own - is something I simply do not do.

Except this time it seems I have no choice. And as holiday (thankfully in England) is coming up and my wife can take us all because I can't drive, but I'm told there is no reason why I should not go, I may well just have to accept my fate and take time off to recover from what is thought to be a virus - but no one knows what. 

So I'll see you when I'm back. 


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By Brend201
18th Jul 2012 10:57

I am so sorry to hear that you have not recovered yet.  I hope that you recover your precious health soon.  Don't worry about us, we understand.

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By cwilson
18th Jul 2012 11:18

Also sorry . .

Many years ago, I had similar symptoms which kept me off work. Despite regular blood tests, all the GP could say after 4 weeks was that "it appeared to be some sort of virus"!

Eventually went back to work (largely through boredom) with no proper diagnosis.


Hoping you recover soon.



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David Winch
By David Winch
18th Jul 2012 11:34

Try to enjoy your enforced break!

Take care of yourself.  I look forward to your return when you are ready.


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By alistair_king
19th Jul 2012 05:44

If you have no choice...

Make the most of it!

Are there any books you never got around to reading, films you wished you'd watched, new recipes you wanted to try, etc. If the weather is good enough go sit and enjoy the garden or a park...

Hope you recover soon!

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By hazeljohnson
19th Jul 2012 11:26

You can get something called post viral syndrome. Basically a posh way of saying that you've been ill, you're knackered and you need time to recover.

Plenty of sleep, good food, and an absence of stress should see you right in a bit.

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By landscaper
02nd Aug 2012 12:23

Thninking of you

Dear CEO  really missing the blogs but hope that you are on the mend.

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By paulwakefield1
10th Aug 2012 07:21

Trust all is well

Like Landscaper, I'm missing the blogs and also hope recovery is well on the way.

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By jimmercy
10th Aug 2012 16:27

Best wishes

I'm really missing this blog, hope you are back soon.

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