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Just answer the question

20th Sep 2012
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September 20 - If saying thank you is the number one rule for business, the second rule is always answering the question you've been asked.

I am constantly infuriated by people who will not answer my questions, and especially my emails. 

Ignoring my emails upsets me. Whether you're my employee, supplier, customer, bank or whoever: if I ask a question there is a reason. It is that I need an answer. I've got better things to do than ask questions to waste your time. I ask because I need the answer. And not giving it to me is simply going to upset me.

I don't care if you say you don't know, if that's true. Tell me and I can ask someone else.

I don't mind if you pass me on to someone else. That's fine by me if they know more. I wanted the best answer that's available.

I don't mind if you know but can't deal with it now. Just tell me when you can and I'll be happy.

But not answering, that's going to annoy me. Sometimes a little, and sometimes rather more. I never quite know, so nor do you. But whichever it is our relationship is not going to be as good as it was. And that's not to anyone's benefit.

So please, make a deal with me. If I ask a question please give me an answer that lets me move on. I'm not difficult to please. Honest. Unless I'm annoyed that is. And nothing annoys me more than being ignored. 

PS: It also works in reverse. Tell people what they want to know. But I'll come back to that.


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