Not again, please

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August 5 - Three years ago the global financial crisis cost me the opportunity to but this company.

We've survived since then, but I won't pretend it hasn't been tough.

Now it looks like we're having another one.

Gee. Can't someone get this situation by the scruff of the neck and sort it out? Do we really have to go through this all again? Can't we just get on and work for a living? Please?

I won't pretend I'm not worried: I am. I'm passionate about this company, what we do, the people who work here, keeping them employed, providing opportunity, giving service. Sure I worry when that's under threat.

This morning it is.

And yes, I'm really worried. 

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By aburt01
05th Aug 2011 11:51

What changed?

Do you have support contracts with European Govts too?

Otherwise not much has changed, has it?

Govts are in debt - they were before; stock markets are fluctuating wildly - they were before.

Confidence; that's what's missing.  We are all fed up with Govt messing up, bad management etc etc.

But you can only change what's within your control, i.e. you and your behaviour. 

Some of us may not see-out the years until the next boom and bust, either way, make it a good day today for someone around you.

Best wishes.


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