Not guilty!

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May 11 - AM has worked hard on the allegation that we were not paying fairly and were discriminating on gender grounds.

Now nothing finally proves this - how do you compare a senior accounts team member (female) with a senior sales and contracts team member (male), and so on? The jobs are not the same.

And we also have an issue of what we can publish.

But we looked at the cases of the two who complained and could do enough comparison to suggest we're internally fair. We ignored comparing externally - we know the market biases against women!

The result was we think we can genuinely say 'not guilty' but we're both going to wait and sleep on it for the weekend just to make sure nothing else occurs to us. This is one we do not want to get wrong.

Oh, the joys of managing people.

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By pwinter
11th May 2012 14:58

Be careful

I am not an HR expert (why would I be here?), but I do believe you have to go beyond the mere fact that one person (female) is in the accounts team while another (male) may be in the sales team.  Can they be said to have comparable levels of skill required to do their jobs, even though the roles themselves are different?  I'd tend to look to get an expert in - difficult though that may be.  At least they would have been assessed independently.

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14th May 2012 11:27

You may already be aware of this, but ACAS have a great deal of useful info on this area on their website ( as well as a 'free' helpine for employers and another for employees (apart from the costs of the 0845 - lo call rate - phone call).

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