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So, where from here?

16th Aug 2012
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August 16 - Well, it's good to be back writing something here. Since 2003 I have never been absent for so long. But then, I've never had what my doctor describes as a serious illness before. 

So, first of all, thanks to those who have enquired as to my well being. The update is that for reasons that aren't clear I appear to have acquired a weird virus, and it's that which laid me low. I started with shingles, but whether my reduced immune system from that then allowed this, well, who knows? The medics clearly don't, and I've sure been making them scratch their heads.

What was very clear, even during my holiday was that my energy levels were very low, and I actually went to hospital once when we were away, my wife was so worried about me.

But, the reality is that I seem to be on an upward path now, but nothing like back to full fitness as yet. No one can tell me when that might be and in the meantime I seem to be on an interesting cocktails of drugs, followed by blood tests, followed by a change in the mix and the routine goes on.

However, the one thing that has not stopped working has been my brain. I've seen AM and East although I haven't been in to work. And I've also been seeing the Chair, who is as much a friend as anything else these days.

AM had to cover by herself when East was on holiday, but from all accounts all is running OK. I'm relieved, largely because at this precise moment there's not a lot I can do about it bar offer some advice when needed, and sign things when required.

Howver, back to the brain. I've never during my adult life had so long to reflect. And candidly, I'm wondering what to do next. I've been with the company for nine years now, first as FD, then as CEO. The place has been radically transformed by me, to be honest. I never bought it, and wanted to, but right now, don't really mind. But what really bugs me, is what else can I do to the company now?

Have I given it all the ideas I can? In the current, flat, economic climate is there much else I can do? And should I recognise that I'm in my 50s, need to earn (there are children around for a long time to come yet) but might just be bored? 

I've discussed this with the Chair. I'm not saying more yet. But plans may be developing for when I'm nearer back to normal.


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By trevv69
16th Aug 2012 19:08

Good to hear
...That you're on the mend, and that the firm is coping without you.

As to the future, concentrate on getting better and see how you feel when you start to return - presumably by way of a short hours to start with.

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By partner55
17th Aug 2012 16:22

You have been missed

Like many people on the site, I have been a regular reader of your blog since the beginning. Where did the years go? You have been missed. Glad you are recovering and that the brain is still active.


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By wilcoskip
17th Aug 2012 23:03

Go easy

I was speaking to someone from my old firm a few weeks ago (I'm now back in practice - I worked there during a short stint in industry.)  I'd seen in the trade press that my old boss, who was then the FD, had become MD.  Good on him, I thought - he worked hard.

I asked how he was getting on, only to be told that he'd recently passed away.  He had a young family. 

Life is too short as it is, and while work is a good and wholesome thing, and a way of providing for your family, it's got to be kept in its place.

Take it easy.


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By stephen_hoare
20th Aug 2012 14:45

Best wishes

As another reader of your blog since the beginning, I have missed your regular contributions so it is good to see you are making progress. I'm not surprised your team is coping well without you - it's a sign of a good CEO. Take care of yourself - I look forward to reading about your recovery to full fitness.

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By Kevin Mitchell
24th Aug 2012 11:32

Do not try to do too much too quickly

As a follower of the blog from the very begining I would just like to add my best wishes for a full recovery.

However do not do as I did after being ill (with cancer) and having a long period off work and come back too soon and have a relapse.

I know that you can only watch so many repeats of Top Gear on day time television and most of the rest is c**p and it gets very boring.

Take the time to think about family and what any long term illness (or worse) means to them. I know my kids even though they are normal teenagers really felt it as my did my wife. As a result of reasessing my work life balance, the family is a much stronger unit.

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