Talking pay just opens a hornet's nest

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May 9 - Talking pay is bound to open a hornet's nest of resentment, and it has. One I had not expected to come up is gender inequality - sex discrimination if you like. Two women in our team have suggested they are not on as good a pay deal as equivalent men. Now, we've had a management team with senior women in it here for years, and this is not an issue that has been suggested before so I was surprised to hear it suggested, because I genuinely did not think it an issue. But dismissing such things is always, I know, the route to a tribunal so that's the last thing I did. I simply said give me the evidence and I'll appraise it. I haven't had the evidence as yet - - but AM (whose reaction, as a woman, was similar to mine, thankfully) is going to look at data. The best intentions can go awry. This is going to take more time than I thought.


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