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I got sent an email today which said:

"In How a CEO Blog Can Help Grow Your Company, xxxxxxx examines how other CEOs are having success using blogs to share their ideas and insights, generate buzz, and open up a dialogue with current and potential customers."

Well, very politely I don't believe you can sell such ideas to people - not least because whilst I can't live without a keyboard most people I know have a problem hanging three sentences together in a row without being threatened with redundancy.

I wish I could explain the reticence of people to write, let alone write coherently, but those who claim that it's just school leavers who suffer from this problem are living in cloud cuckoo land. My older kids can write vastly better than most of my staff and I'm not claiming genius status for them. I just think that people have almost as much fear of writing as they do of maths.

So the chance that most CEO's will blog is, let's be honest, close to zero.

I'm glad I'm not flogging it as an idea. 


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