The juices still flow

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March 29 - A day spent on what I once did best -  accounting.

AM  and I  worked through  pretty much all our year-end accounts to make sure that we were happy that things are  fairly stated before we pass over the report to the shareholders and in turn to the auditors.

I have to admit that there is a certain  nostalgia in doing this sort of thing.  It was once the absolute essence of my daily working life.  Now it is far removed from it,  but there is still some comfort to be had in knowing that the old juices can still flow, the intellect still works around the issues that are of importance, and that I can relate accounts to commercial  realities so readily.  That has, I think, always been my core competence  and is why accountants are, when they put their mind to it, such good managers.  We can translate what we see happening straight to the bottom line, if we apply our intelligence that way.  No one else really has that skill in the way that we've got it, and anybody who is looking for a solid career needs to make sure  that they hone that ability.

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